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It's important to find
all types of eye disease earlier.


・All kinds of surgery are outpatient surgery in our clinic using newest medical equipment.
・We have a room where the family members can observe the surgery.
・Cataract, Glaucoma, Ptosis, Lacrimal pathology, Retinal vitreous disease, Myopia, and others, Each doctor is a specialist.
・After the surgery, we will take you home by car for free.
・Outpatient surgery.

・There is medical equipment for advanced detailed examination.
・There are specialists for providing advanced medical care.
(Specialist doctor, Othoptist, Nurse, Medical staff..)
・Equipment introduction

Available Medical Treatments

This disease causes you low vision.
That’s why we do a minimally invasive surgery by using order made intraocular lens.
This disease causes you low vision, visual field defect.
Because of increased intraocular pressure and optic nerve disorder.
So we do eye drops, laser treatment and surgical treatment for your eyes.
Retinal vitreous disease
This disease causes anomaly on retina and vitreous.
That’s why we do a laser treatment, surgical treatment and vitreous injection for that.
This disease will happen when using a contact lens for a long time or aging.
So, we do minimally invasive surgery for this disease by using carbon dioxide laser.
Lacrimal pathology
This disease will block lacrimal passage and cause tears.
So, we do lacrimal duct tube insertion by using endoscopy.
Myopia/Childhood disease
We do eye drops, training, orthokeratology and ICL for myopia.
Then detailed examination, training for strabismus and amblyopia.
Prevention/Check up
3year old child medical examination for amblyopia prevention and checking refractive error.
Eye dock for finding eye disease earlier and prevention.
Aging care
We can do beauty drip treatment, hyaluronic injection, botox and laser treatment especially around your eyes skin stains, wrinkles dull skin.


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